Hello: In light of the current COVID pandemic and the uncertainty and unpredictability of daily life as a result,  we felt it important to address some of the possible outcomes as it relates to successful candidate recruitment. Unlike other industries, the health care industry cannot “work from home” and while telemedicine offers a solution for some providers, it doesn’t help all, including OBGYN.  Furthermore, unlike other types of recruitment,  physician recruitment has traditionally required face to face meetings before an offer can be made.

Unfortunately, our current state of affairs isn’t conducive to site visits so if you are concerned about meeting candidates or prospective employers, we wanted to propose some alternatives to in-person site visits.  This will allow for the hiring process to continue, without the risk of compromising individual health and can potentially assist in slowing down the spread of the virus and protect all involved. Listed below are a few interview alternatives for you to consider.

We also feel that time is not a friend to hiring, especially now.

If you have identified someone you like or a group/employer you like, and have been fortunate enough to have met them, don’t hesitate to move forward.  This isn’t the time to meet a large number of candidates or employers.  We also feel both candidates and prospective employers will be more inclined to choose from what they have in hand or have already visited with so that they can get back to dealing with the crisis.

The growth, success and needs of the practices and hospitals we partner with is very important to our team at the Stratton Group and we realize that while filling these openings remains a priority to our clients who are now facing greater challenges, this changing situation requires a refocusing and potentially rethinking the way to most effectively recruit and retain candidates.  We are committed to you!

As a candidate, If you are local to the area you are interested in working in, we will help to schedule interviews.  If you need to travel to interview, we will work on alternative interviewing arrangements to start and continue the conversation.  We are committed to you!

Please reach out with any questions, comments and/or concerns as we are here to facilitate to the best of our ability.

Best Regards and Good Health.

Maura, Barbara, Rowland, Diana, Sheila and Ian

Dedicated to Women's Healthcare Nationwide!

Stratton Group, LLC is a recruitment firm dedicated to finding the most qualified candidates for the best Physician opportunities. We have a large candidate and job database and will work with you until we find the right candidate for your position or the right position for you. Because our sole focus is Physician Recruitment, we have a keen understanding of not only the wants and needs of physicians today, but also an understanding of the ever-changing physician job market. Our goal is to provide our clients with qualified candidates that meet the needs of the practices we work for as well as the best opportunities for our candidates. We work closely with our clients and with our candidates as our goal is to develop and maintain long term relationships with our clientele. As members of the National Association of Physician Recruiters, we adhere to a strict code of ethics and will handle your search with integrity.

Over the 15 years that we have been helping place physicians and enabling hospitals and practices to build their teams, our focus has always been customer centric. We firmly believe that with deep analysis and the resultant understanding of your business issues, we will find exceptionally talented candidates who meet your specific skill and experience requirements. We accomplish this time and time again because we connect with our candidates by discovering what truly motivates them.

As a full-service physician recruiting firm, The Stratton Group provides permanent, temporary and temp-to-permanent placement services. I am proud that we serve many preeminent regional practices as well as hospitals who return to avail themselves of our superior services year after year.

My team and I are devoted to building rewarding relationships with our clients through a uniquely creative and discerning approach that delivers exceptional staffing results. I hope that we will have the opportunity to work closely with you on your next staffing opportunity.

Best regards,

Maura Keenan, Principal

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