Calling all Residents...

First, we understand how busy you are... and tired (so tired). Residency is hard. Job searching is also hard. So many questions, so little certainty. It's enough to make you, well, very tired. Let us help!

It's About Relationships

We only work with OB/GYN physicians. We know the field intimately and we work with private practices and hospitals in every state. Many of our clients choose to work only with us. You will not see our jobs on all of the other job boards.

It's About Being Proactive

Lots of jobs are never advertised! We often place residents into groups that are not actively looking. Don’t wait for your dream job to come to you. Let us help you find it.

Now Relax

Look at these pictures of puppies, adorable right! You are feeling more relaxed already! Job hunting can be fun! Stay in your happy place and give us a call.

Call us 877-582-9100

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Thanks for your time and for reading our bit. We look forward to hearing from you!