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Improving the process

We understand how busy and exhausted you are. Residency is hard. Job searching is also hard. So many questions, so little certainty. We are here to help in your job search and are committed to making the process less stressful and time consuming for you.

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It's about relationships

We only work with physicians. We know the field intimately and we work with private practices and hospitals across the country . Many of our clients choose to work only with us. You will not see our jobs on all of the other job boards.


Our commitment

One of the most important characteristics of our service is to cultivate long term relationships with both our candidates and clients. We actively listen to your needs, ask detailed questions about your search parameters, and provide honest and timely feedback.  We spend the time getting to know you so that we can help you to identify the best opportunity or candidate.  Your success is paramount to our success.



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